Welcome to the Street & Walton Men's Shed Web Site.

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The Street & Walton Men's Shed was founded in 2017 and moved to Hempitts Farm, Walton in 2019.  We have two well equipped workshops suitable for all types of wood work, metal lathe work and crafts and a kitchen with a socialising area.

Latest news:

It's Safety first in the Shed, Defibrillator now available

We have now acquired a Defibrillator for the shed, 'The Defib.' has been provided by the shed as a safety precaution due to the age of our members. It was felt that even thought the chances are very low that we may need to use one, but if we did need to use one the distance and time to get one from a public sauce would not be fast enough to save a life.

We have 10 First Aiders who are trained to use it although it is fully automatic and any competent person can use it without training.

Street First WW1 Memorial moved and Re-dedicated.

Exactly 100 years to the hour the Street WW1 war memorial was re-dedicated in its new position in Merriman Park. 

The memorial was first dedicated on the 2nd October 1920 at 3pm on the corner of Vestry Road and was moved to Merriman Park in the early 1970's, it has now been restored and moved to a prominent position in the park adjacent to the Merriman Road/Silver Road Junction.

Our current opening hours are:

We are now open to all members with no restriction on numbers.

The sessions are between:

Monday:     9am & 12:30pm 

Tuesday:     9am and 4:30pm 

Thursdays: 9am and 4:30pm 

There may be changes in the opening hours if there is a requirement to do so from members.


We have sessions for our lady members between 1pm & 4:30pm on Tuesdays and a mixed session on Thursday afternoon 1pm - 4:30pm.

Until further notice visitors to the shed are asked to contact the shed for an appointment, before coming to the shed.

SHAPE Mendip Lottery:

Street & Walton Men's Shed has a lottery page with the SHAPE Mendip lottery. Tickets are £1 each and the top prize is £25,000, the Shed receives 50% of ticket sales. So every ticket sold helps the Shed.

To buy tickets please follow the link below:


 Find us on Facebook at:  


Fund more information about the shed in 'Shed News'

Do you have any tools or machines sitting in your shed or garage?

If you do the Street & Walton Shed would like to hear from you, we will collect anything you would like to donate and reuse, re-purpose or use to raise funds.

We are also looking for materials (Wood etc) that can be used for projects as long as it is of decent quality and not small pieces.

Please contact us via the contacts page.